The Adventure of 2020 Mumble

Happy belated new year! Like, 10 months ago!!! As the Gen-Z FOMO creeping off me on making a list of resolutions to do on 2020, I made one. Or, not really, just adding along the way.

I started bullet journalling around May. I religiously wrote things everyday for about 3 months, then stopped doing it after moving house because after months, my supplies are still scattered somewhere in the universe. I’m starting to believe that IKEA’s KALLAX boxes are black holes, just like women’s purse.

I found closure in writing what I want on my bullet journal during isolation. Like about the *cough* moving to other country thing. It’s just nice to have something to look forward to, and before pandemic, it’s usually a travel plan. Friend’s weddings, holidays, business trips, random getaways… Now it’s all gone. Pro: I save money. Negative: I need to find another things to look forward too. Oh also, I can’t stock up on cheap Indonesian supplies I always bought every time I travel back home. Oof.

Anyway, talking about the *cough* moving to other country thing, I got the opportunity to take it this week. I’m a bit hesitant right now since I’m thinking of becoming Australian citizen, which I’m eligible of next year – because to be honest, I like it here, even though I’d like to move to the team I’m aiming for. I had plan to move to Singapore office eventually to settle down my life as a housewife, but due to unforeseeable circumstances, I don’t have to anymore. Which actually, brings me a sigh of relief. I like looking forward for plans, but this is not really in my “I like this plan” list. Well you can guess why this plan is gone now – I broke up with my serious partner.

Now I realised how I’m longing for a life where I live the fullest of my life. And to stand on my own – the reason I chose Sydney office when I converted from internship to full-time was because I had a partner that I met here during my internship. I should stop making life decisions based on others >:( For you readers who are torn up between the locations to work at (just like me), here’s a list of pros and cons of choosing Sydney:


  • It’s so far. At least it’s close to New Zealand though. And to be honest, Australia is not really on top of the list of places that I’d visit for holiday.
  • Good coffee, and the Indonesian foods here are decent! Or amazing, actually.
  • Decent public transport, if compared to Indonesia or California.
  • People speak English. If you can read this blog you can live here!!!1111!
  • Laid back culture.


  • It’s so far. Going home takes me at least 8 hours flight. Going to the States took entire day.
  • So many beaches. I hate the heat of beaches.
  • My net salary is the lowest among my other friends who work in APAC offices.
  • Rent is freaking expensive. Food is freaking expensive. Uber is freaking expensive. (Fun fact: I got banned by Uber, somehow. DiDi and Ola are my friends now.

OK, Aussie is nice. I’ll stay here for a while now.